I came to Skylar because I had been suffering from herpetic neuralgia for 2 months, I had completely lost my appetite and was unable to eat. I was losing weight and felt very weak and weary when I came to see her. I had met Skylar the previous year and felt very comfortable in her presence. 

During my consultation Skylar was very positive and knowledgeable and seemed confident in her ability to help me. Her energy provided me with a sense of ease that made me feel like I was in good hands, I was willing and eager to put her advice to practice. Within three days of our meeting my appetite returned and I slowly but surely was able to eat and enjoy food again.  A week later I was eating 4 small meals a day and started to regain my strength. I am so very grateful for Skylar’s assistance and have recommended her to friends and family. 

-Lynda H.


I decided to work with Skylar because of the knowledge and passion she displayed for nutrition. I loved that she is willing to be available to answer any questions I had, no matter how trivial. We do not live in the same country, or even the same time zone but she was always able to answer my questions via email or whatsapp within a few hours of my original inquiry. 

 Skylar’s personalized nutritional advice helped me to lose 20 pounds. She helped me to gain energy that I hadn’t felt since my youth. I also feel a new sense of empowerment because of the clarity she was able to give to me about my body and its nutritional needs. I was very happy to work with Skylar and would recommend her to anyone. 

-Joe C.