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discovery consultation: free

Wondering if I am the right fit for you? This introductory call will help you become better acquainted with how I can help you achieve your health and wellness goals. I will answer any questions you may have regarding my intuitive holistic approach.

(approx. 30 minutes)

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Nutritional Consultation: $133

During this session I will become more familiar with your health goals, desires, concerns, and current life style practices. I will ask you a series of questions to determine organs and body functions that may be out of balance, possibly impacting your current health status. You will leave this session with personal nutritional and lifestyle suggestions (including a detailed summary email) to facilitate achieving your desired health goals, so that you can become your most authentic self.

(60 minute phone or video call consultation)

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Follow-Up Session: $77

Follow-up sessions will offer further support in your personalized vitality program. We will discuss your personal program achievements and address areas in which you may desire more support. After your session you will receive a summary email with notes about what we discussed, including a personalized Vitality Program of dietary, supplement and lifestyle suggestions to help you achieve your health goals.

(30 minute consultation with personalized Vitality Program)

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Consultation and meal plan Package: $277

This package includes one 60 minute intuitive coaching session to discover your health goals and assess your body’s imbalances through a specified symptomology analysis. Three weeks of personalized menu plans with practical guidance through email support and two 30 minute consultations to answer any questions and make any changes to your plan to best suit your specific needs. You will also receive personalized motivational emails, recipes and the latest research and relevant reading material to aid you in your personal health journey.

(1 x 60 minute intuitive coaching session, 3 x 1 week personalized meal plan + 2 x 30 minute follow-up consultations + ongoing email/text support throughout the program)


Meal Plans:

1 week: $33

3 week plan: $88


30 minutes (distance Reiki): $44

60 minutes (in person treatment): $88

Purchase a personalized, family or group meal plan to suit your specific needs. Meal plans include recipes that are simple, fresh and easy to make to inspire healthy eating no matter your dietary restrictions. Each meal plan comes with scheduled snacks, detailed recipes and grocery lists. Every meal and every day of the meal plan includes nutritional facts including caloric intake, protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin and mineral content.

Reiki is energy medicine using light touch therapy. If you are in pain, live a stressful lifestyle, suffer from re-current headaches, nausea, inflammation or fatigue Reiki may help to relieve these symptoms. Reiki also helps to restore peace, reduce stress and infuse calm back into a body constantly absorbing the energetic downloads of the world. Reiki works to “improve the flow and balance of energy” and restore relaxation to help you live your most positive, energetically balanced life.

For Distance Reiki Session

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For In Person Reiki Sessions

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